Loan Sharks Impersonating As Platinum Credit

大耳窿伪装成为Platinum Credit行骗

The loan sharks are responsible for many deceptive SMS / WhatsApp messages and phone calls. To con unsuspecting individuals into taking up an illegal loan with them. One of their new tactics is to masquerade as a Singapore legal money lender. And recently, they are impersonating as Platinum Credit.

Why Do They Do That?

To instill a sense of trust, the loan sharks will pretend to be a well-known licensed money lender. And offer (illegal) loans to the public via SMS, WhatsApp or phone call. Although enraged, we are also flattered. By using our brand, they have recognised Platinum Credit as a trustworthy market leader.

A ‘Live’ Example

The following is an existing SMS sent by a loan shark masquerading as Platinum Credit:

Loan Sharks Impersonating As Platinum Credit

Do Not Respond

Platinum Credit abides by the Singapore Government’s regulations. We are NOT allowed to ask for business using email, flyer, SMS, WhatsApp or phone call. If you have received such fake messages or phone calls pretending to be from us, please do NOT respond to them.

For any clarifications, please feel free to contact us today!




  • Clement Chiew /

    Hi Karen, I’m Mr. Chiew, a Malaysian who stays in Miri, Sarawak, Borneo Island. Due to the high financial commitment and bad CRIS record, I have no choice but to turn to money lender agencies available both in social media and shop outlets. Afraid of being cheated by shark loans who might disguise themselves as legal licensed money lender, I choose not to believe those at shop outlets and turn to social media…luckily, I manage to find one who claims that Platinum Credit is the head office of their Miri company from wechat and everything seems okay until I read your recent post about shark loans who pretend to be legalised money lender. It really shock me when you said that you never market your business via social media and if so, that company is belong to shark loans.

  • Hi Karen, I’m Azri, currently in Johor Bahru , Malaysia. My issue is similar with Mr Chiew. So just for clarification, do Platinum Credit has any branches in Johor ?

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