Is Send SMS to Get NS50 PAssion Card a Scam?

WhatsApp Message on SMS to Apply for NS50 PAssion Card

Find out if “Send an SMS to 72372 (NS50PA NRIC) to get your Commemorative NS50 PAssion Card (with $50/$100 credit)” is a scam.

Did you receive the following message?

It has come to our attention that the following message is going viral on WhatsApp and Facebook just like the ongoing loan shark SMS scam. So let us look at this in more detail to determine its authenticity.

For those who served NS, to get your NS50 commemorative Passion card (with $100 credit) SMS to 72372 and type “NS50PA(space) I/C No.”

Eg: NS50PA S1234567Z

Send an SMS to get your Commemorative NS50 PAssion Card

What is a Commemorative NS50 PAssion Card?

NS50 PAssion Card


As Singapore celebrates 50 years of of National Service (NS50), PAssion Card is offering eligible NSmen a free commemorative NS50 PAssion EZ-Link Card that comes with 5 years worth of membership!

How do I apply for the Card?

If you are eligible, you will receive your NS50 Recognition Package containing S$100 worth of (physical) vouchers together with an invitation letter to sign up for the commemorative card.

To sign up for it, simply follow the instructions found in the invitation letter.

So is the message a scam?

There are 2 parts to this message – 1 real and 1 fake.

1) The SMS instructions are authentic.

We have verified this with someone who has a copy of the invitation letter.

Additionally, we have also went ahead to test it out as follows:

First, we sent NS50PA S1234567Z to 72372 via SMS.

SMS Apply for NS50 PAssion Card

Next, we received a confirmation SMS from PANS50.

SMS Reply for NS50 PAssion Card

2) The stored value of $50/$100 credit is fake.

The Commemorative NS50 PAssion Card contains $0 stored value as confirmed by PAssion Card official Facebook post.

In case you can’t view the above Facebook post, here’s what it says:

It has come to our attention that there is a message circulating, prompting NSmen to apply for the Commemorative NS50 PAssion Card. In the message, there is a liner that indicates that the Commemorative NS50 PAssion Card comes with a stored value.

We would like to clarify that the Commemorative NS50 PAssion Card does not contain any stored value. NSmen should also wait for their recognition packages for details on the application process of the Commemorative NS50 PAssion Card.

For more information on the Commemorative NS50 PAssion Card, kindly log on to…/About-Commemorative-NS50-PAssion-Card

If you are still concerned about being scammed, you may like to wait for the NS50 Recognition Package to arrive at your post box and follow the instructions found in it.




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    Thanks Karen for your helpful info.

    Just for my info. what website should l type/go to check whether info. is fake or genuine. Thanks.
    Its fr my friend that l got yr website.

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