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5 Simple Yet Effective Numbers to Go Debt Free!

Debt Free

Here’s an easy plan with just 5 numbers you have to focus on, to become debt free fast. You’ve landed a great job and attractive salary. Good times roll in – expensive clothes, posh rental, high-end restaurant meals, latest gadgets – the list goes on. Your friends secretly envy your lifestyle, but two years later, […]

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Say Goodbye to Credit Card Annual Fees in Singapore!

Singapore Credit Cards

Do you enjoy ease and comfort of cashless transactions? Most Singaporeans own two or more cards and also love a good deal. Credit card companies have tapped into this urge to earn reward points and redeem them. You enjoy great deals from signing bonuses to mileage points and cash backs, but it comes at a […]

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Loan Sharks Impersonating As Platinum Credit

大耳窿伪装成为Platinum Credit行骗

The loan sharks are responsible for many deceptive SMS / WhatsApp messages and phone calls. To con unsuspecting individuals into taking up an illegal loan with them. One of their new tactics is to masquerade as a Singapore legal money lender. And recently, they are impersonating as Platinum Credit. Why Do They Do That? To […]

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