Is Send SMS to Get NS50 PAssion Card a Scam?

WhatsApp Message on SMS to Apply for NS50 PAssion Card

Find out if “Send an SMS to 72372 (NS50PA NRIC) to get your Commemorative NS50 PAssion Card (with $50/$100 credit)” is a scam. Did you receive the following message? It has come to our attention that the following message is going viral on WhatsApp and Facebook just like the ongoing loan shark SMS scam. So let […]

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4 Tips to Ensure a Small Business Loan Doesn’t Wreck Your Credit

Small business loan in Singapore

If you’ve taken or plan to take up a small business loan in Singapore, make sure to follow these 4 tips to keep your personal credit score from crashing. You’ve been dreaming of starting your own bakery or boutique store for some time now. You’ve saved a bit of money for down payment. But you […]

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7 Business Loan Myths In Singapore Busted

Business Loan in Singapore

If you need funds, but are unsure about getting the business loan in Singapore approved, this guide will clear your doubts. You need a loan to purchase new equipment or clear pending purchase payables. When the bank declines your loan application, you worry your business is finished. Countless owners oblivious to the concept of private […]

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5 Simple Yet Effective Numbers to Go Debt Free!

Debt Free

Here’s an easy plan with just 5 numbers you have to focus on, to become debt free fast. You’ve landed a great job and attractive salary. Good times roll in – expensive clothes, posh rental, high-end restaurant meals, latest gadgets – the list goes on. Your friends secretly envy your lifestyle, but two years later, […]

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Bank Overdraft VS Moneylender: Which Is Better For Business Loan?

Bank Overdraft VS Singapore Moneylender

You finally get the call. The client likes your catalogue and rates and wants to place an order. They are having a contract drawn up with your company. You are pleased but also a bit worried. You’re handling a large order and your cash box isn’t exactly overflowing. At your accountant’s suggestion, you call up […]

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