How to Create Your Free Singapore News Feed on Facebook?

Free Singapore News Feed on Facebook

Before you pay for your next Singapore newspaper subscription, STOP! And read how to create your free Singapore news feed on Facebook in just 5 minutes. This will not only save you time and money. You will also get to read the latest news from mainstream media in Singapore. Once the feed is set up, […]

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Compare SIM-Only Mobile Phone Plans

Compare Mobile Phone Plans

With the availability of cheap (and good) android phones such as Xiaomi, the handset rebate received from a 2-year contract plan in Singapore is no longer as appealing as before. Thus the telcos have recently introduced new SIM-only mobile phone plans to either retain existing or attract new customers. As such plans are heavily discounted […]

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Weekly VS Monthly Loan Contract – What You Need to Know

Hidden Fees

With the official capping of monthly interest rate charged by licensed money lenders in Singapore to 4 per cent since 1 October 2015, many of these credit companies have now switched their customers to weekly loan contract (instead of monthly) in order to circumvent the law and cover their losses in interest income. All these […]

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Beware of New Loan Shark SMS Tactics

Loanshark Singapore

It seems that with the capping of interest rates charged by Singapore licensed money lenders to 4% per month (effective 1 Oct), the illegal loan sharks (unlicensed money lenders) are feeling the heat and starting to step up their efforts (or rather deceptive SMS tactics) to con unsuspecting victims into borrowing money from them.

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How To Maintain Your Personal Loan Account With A Singapore Moneylender?

Maintain Personal Loan Account With Singapore Moneylender

If you’ve recently taken a personal loan from a Singapore moneylender, use these suggestions to maintain your loan account. You needed urgent funds and turned to a licensed money lender in Singapore for a fast cash loan. You meet all the eligible criteria including steady job and age factor, and provide relevant documents. After a […]

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